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How to Buy ?

    When you click on a "Add to cart" link from any item, that item will be added to your shopping cart. whenever you want to see what items you have in your cart, just click the Shopping Cart . There you can remove items or change quantities. When you are pleased with your shopping cart, fill in the form with required information regarding your order and click "Continue". In that moment your order will be saved and you can move to next step, payment.

How Do I Pay ?

    Our site uses online payment services offered by, In this way, we can guarantee an efficient and safe service. Information posted on are made through an SSL encrypted connection on 128 bits, ensuring a maximum security.

    You will be redirected to a secure page where you will have to fill in a form with your credit card details. For payments with credit/debit cards emitted by Visa or MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) the system used will be "3-D Secure" developed by this organizations which ensure online transactions same level of security like those realized at ATM or at any physical merchants. "3-D Secure" ensure that no information regarding your card is transferred or stored at any time on our server or's server, this information being processed directly by Visa's or MasterCard's systems. Additionally, "3-D Secure" is a cardholders authentication system in e-payment transactions. Cardholder authentication process is made with a security code known only by the owner and take place only on Visa's or MasterCard's servers. "3-D Secure" system allow online shopping with any card emitted by Visa or MasterCard, including debit cards and Visa Electron and Maestro. Virtual credit cards emitted by these organizations are also accepted.

What Can I Use for Payment ?

    We accept following credit/debit cards : Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, Maestro, virtual credit cards emitted by Visa or MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club. Using any of this cards ensures that your order will be processed immediately.

    If card transaction was successfully, next screen will thank you for your order and show relevant information about this order. You will receive these information also by email.

Security Policy.

How safe is for me to pay online ?

    This website's products are commercialized online by online e-payment services offered by Euplatesc. The risks associated with online payments are :

* Your personal data posted for order completion coming into a third party's possessions and to be abusively used - Expres Flora SRL and Euplatesc guarantees the security of their systems. Read "Confidentiality policy ", "Terms and Conditions" for more information on this subject.

* Your credit card's data - card number, expiration date, etc - coming into a third party's possessions and to be abusively used. In case of "3-D Secure" system, no information regarding your card is transferred or stored on our server or's server at any time, these information being posted directly to a Visa or MasterCard system. Additionally, transaction authorization is made after your authentication in this system - introduction of a code/password known only by you, similarly to a PIN code on an ATM. Read "Verified by Visa" and "SecureCode" for complete details regarding "3-D Secure" system. - Flowers Romania, Romanian Florist, Flowers Bucarest, Bouquets Delivery to Romania